Облик физики 21 века.

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A. Akimov

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics

Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

of Russia Federation, Moscow.

V. Binghl

Center of intersectional science, engineering and

venture non-conventional technologies, Moscow.


Moscow Institute of radio engineering,

electronics and automation, Moscow.


The experimental biomedical and biophysical studies carried out in this country and abroad over the resent decades have detected observable phenomena whose interpretation meets with almost insuperable difficulties (1,2). These results constitute a rather vast phenomenology comprising Voll's effect of medicine rewriting, its various modifications as reported by Foll himself and later writers, "water memory" effect by G.Shenghin-Beresovscy and Benvenisto, homeopathy, mitogenetic rays of A. Gurvich, cytopathic mirror effect of V.Kaznacheev, genetic concepts of S.Golubev, extrasensoric phenomenology in diagnostics and treatment, remote transfer of biological actions of A.Deev and Ziang Kanchen, "water magnetization", and many other effects.

Many attempts were made, sometimes within the framework of the traditional physical concepts, to offer an explanation of this phenomenology.  Ziang Kanchen, in particular, explained the observed variations in genetic properties as a result of SHF radiation, and A.Girvich interpreted mitogenetic phenomena as a consequence of ultraviolet radiation.  In other cases, non-ordinary exotic physical concepts were employed to account for the observed effects.  For instance, the ultrasensoric phenomenology sometimes was considered as a manifestation of the longitudinal component of electromagnetic waves (V.Dokuchaev, G.Nikolaev), and sometimes as the effect of micro gravitation (G.Serge). Numerous publications regard the observed effects as manifestations of unknown fields and radiation (0-radiation; the organon of V.Reich; F.Members vital magnetism; biocosmic energy of  T.Hieronimus; X-force of Men; morphogenetic M-field of Shadier and Hack; Z-rays of Chizhevsky; radiastezic radiation; form field; Ф-fields;  X-agent of H.Miriam; bipolar fields of V.Kropp; D-field of A.Dee, etc.).

Sometimes there was not even a hypothetical approach to understanding the phenomenon.  In the Villus experiments with medicine rewriting by a copper conductor, for example, it was not clear why the rewriting effect disappears if a magnet put on the conductor.

Analysis of different approaches, to biomedical and biophysical phenomenally has led to the conclusion that none of the proposed explanations is satisfactory.  They either leave without interpretation individual manifestations of the effect, or contradict to one or another physical conditions, or dwell upon unsubstantiated arbitraryassumptions.

The resent advent of new physical concepts has enabled consideration of the vast biomedical and biophysical phenomenally from a common standpoint of torsion fields (3,4).  If the electromagnetic fields are due to charges and the gravitation ones to masses, the torsion fields are generated by the classical spin, which, similar to charge and mass, is an independent kinematics parameter of particles (field sources).  Obviously, since there are nuclear, atomic and molecular spins in living objects, all of them can be regarded as spin systems having each an involved own space-frequency torsion field.  The fields are characteristic of each living object.  The substances distributed steadily in each living object generate static torsion field.  Wave torsion radiation is generated by dynamic biochemical and biophysical processes.  The spin systems of living objects not only generate torsion fields, but also change their structures under the effect of external torsion fields,

which is reflected on the vital activity of living objects.  As was revealed by analysis, the above "unknown" fields and radiation represent different manifestations of the torsion fields of living objects.

It would be useful to consider some mentioned above effects from the viewpoint of torsion field concept.  In permanent magnets, the ordered molecular ring currents generate a collective magnetic field.  Ring motion of the current electrons creates an angular torque causing the torsion field.  The permanent magnet has, therefore, a collective static torsion field besides the magnetic one.  Magnetic field cannot indeed act upon diamagnetic media such as distilled water.  The magnet acts through its torsion field that changes water's spin state (1).  Water memory is realized at the quantum level through water proton spin subsystem (5).  The own torsion field of dissolved medicine (any substance in general) molecules spin-polarizes the water proton subsystem in the environment.  The spin structure of the proton subsystem imitates the spatial structure of torsion field of the solution molecules.  This approach allows one to prove the basic homeopathic concepts at a strict physical level (6).

At rewriting, the torsion field of a medicine solution is transmitted as a spin current from its test-tube to another test-tube with distilled water via spin-to-spin couplings (by the classic, not magnetic spin) in copper wire and fiberglass.  As a

result, in the distilled water system there will be induced torsionally spin systems identical with the spin structure of medicine in the original solution.  This accounts for the well-known similarity between the biological effects of the rewritten distilled water and the true solution.  If a permanent magnet is applied during rewriting to copper wire, fiberglass or any other torsion wave guide, its torsion field fixes the spin state of the substance in the waveguide within the range of effective action of the magnet torsion field upon the waveguide.  If the permanent magnet torsion field is more intensive than that transmitted along the waveguide, which is usually the case, the segment of spin fixation in the waveguide would act as gate (2).

The remote transmission of biological action differs from rewriting only in that information is carried by the wave torsion radiation produced frequently by special torsion generators, and not by the spin current.

Regarding the brain as a spin system [spin glass (7)], one can assume that the biochemical processes inherent to thinking or to reflecting the physiological processes going on in the organism produce brain molecular spin structures that are sources of the torsion field used by the extrasensors.  At the same time, since the brain is a labile system, the external torsion field (that of the extrasensor, for example) causes spin structures reflected in the brain as images, sensation, etc. (1).  Taking into account the specific featured of torsion fields, this approach provides a strictly consistent and non-contradictory physical foundation for explaining the vast extrasensoric phenomenology and substantiating rigorously the approaches and methods for its investigation.

The torsion field concept provides a solid physical basis for explaining and studying diverse biomedical and biophysical phenomenology, also with account for other physical fields.



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